Group news

2020.12 Thanks to Google Cloud Platform for granting us $5000 of Google Cloud Research Credits to support our research in single cell genomics!
2020.12 Our paper “An Unrolled Deep Learning Framework for Single Cell Gene Regulatory Networks” by Harsh Shrivastava, Xiuwei Zhang, Le Song and Srinivas Aluru was accepted by RECOMB 2021.
2020.10 Our paper “Maximum Likelihood Reconstruction of Ancestral Networks by Integer Linear Programming” by Vaibhav Rajan, Ziqi Zhang, Carl Kingsford and Xiuwei Zhang was accepted by Bioinformatics.

Group members

Xiuwei Zhang
Principal Investigator

Sooyoun Oh
PhD student

Ziqi Zhang
PhD student

Hechen Li
PhD student

Xinhai Pan
PhD student

Paarth Parekh
MS student

Michael Squires
PhD student


Rohan Goel, MS student and GRA (2020 Spring to Fall), now at Amazon.
Pranit Kaul, MS student for Special Problems (2020 Spring).
Amir Girgis, undergraduate student, PURA Award, 2020 Summer.